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There are millions and millions of graduates taking the AIPMT and other medical entrance exams. There are only a few seats in the government owned medical colleges. The private medical colleges demand impossible fees and capitation fees, the total cost of your medical  education can easily soar into 50-70 lakhs, that is more than half a crore rupees.  This can financially ruin your family. The alternative is to work hard, use the Entrancetopper study software and get a merit seat.

The Medical Profession is the ONLY field with a job guarantee

As an emerging economy, with as yet limited job opportunities , the medical field offers the most secure jobs in India. As a doctor, you can work anywhere in India, and most doctor positions command high pay, not to mention social respect.

Do Not Risk Your Entire Future

Avoid the pain and suffering that will haunt you if you fail the AIPMT and state medical entrance exams. What if you do not get a seat? You may face the humiliation of seeing your friends and peers proudly going to medical college in their crisp new white coats while you trudge away to your BSc classes about cockroaches and algae, which will never benefit you financially. In another five years when your friends are practising as doctors and sought after by everyone including prospective matrimonial partners, you will be a nobody. This could be your nightmare future if you do not act now. Understand that this is the only time in your life where some hard work can easily change your destiny.

Do Not Make this Mistake

Many candidates make the nightmarish mistake of thinking that since they did well in their standard XI and XII, they should do great in the medical entrance examination or the AIPMT. You could be top ranker in your college, and you could still be not on the AIPMT merit list. There is only one way to make sure that you are on the AIPMT or state medical entrance merit list. You must use the most thorough exam preparation materials. You must learn every bit of scientific theory in the standards XI and XII Physics Chemistry Botany and Zoology syllabus until you know everything cold.

The Best Exam Preparation Method

The best way to be exam ready is to practise with vast numbers of MCQs. It is not enough to revise old question papers, because these only form a small percentage of the questions that you will actually face in an exam. You need to revise thousands and thousands of MCQs in each and every subject in the AIPMT. Only then can you face the 200 questions in the AIPMT preliminary exam, and score high enough to be in the merit list.

The One Secret You Must Remember

Here at ENTRANCE TOPPERS, that is what we provide for you. We believe that merit is the foundation of the Indian medical educational system. We believe that the best candidates are the ones that work the hardest. We see time and again how supposedly intelligent candidates fail in the AIPMT, but persistent, determined, hardworking candidates eventually succeed.

How to Get on the AIPMT merit list

To get on the AIPMT merit list, you must start your preparation now. If you are in standards IX, X, XI or XII, you must start now. Buy a copy of Zoology 4000 and a copy of Botany 4000, go through these question banks again and again and again until you know everything in it cold.

Each one of these softwares contains over 4000 MCQs, with explanations where required. Remember, you still need to read a standard text book also. And we strongly recommend that you should use  CBSE  science books  when preparing for the AIPMT. Altogether you will go through a staggering, unbelievable 8000 plus Biology MCQs, which cover almost everything that could be asked in the AIPMT or other exams in the Botany and Zoology part.

Download Today !

Botany 4000 and Zoology 4000 are both downloadable products. We will send you by email the protected download link as well as the license key. This will enable you to use this product on one computer permanently. If your computer ever crashes we will provide you with one more license key. There are no monthly fees.

You Will Defeat Your Competitors

Our Entrance preparation materials are built to defeat your competitors. These are the biggest and most comprehensive prep materials available in the market today. No other product on the market gives you so much power and muscle in your exam preparation. This is why our  products are priced high and secured with state of the art encryption technology so that other non-paying candidates cannot pirate it.

Merit and Hard work Triumph Over Money and Reservations

Please remember, our products are priced higher than other products for a reason. First, we don't want everyone to have access to it. It is only for those few candidates who are determined to get a medical college seat in a government medical college. You do not need our products if your parents can afford to fork over a crore rupees to a private medical college. But for anyone who believes that true merit is what matters, and not money or unfair reservations, these products are for you.


Part 1 and Part 2 of our Biology Entrance Exam training together includes around 8000 MCQs. Do not waste your time on ordinary MCQ books from the stores which are merely collections of old questions. The MCQs you get here are original questions created by our faculty from various standard XI and XII text books, which covers everything that may be asked in the Biology part of the entrance examination. Remember that 30% of the entrance exam questions are from Biology and a top score in Biology will significantly improve your overall score and your All-India ranking. Be sure to obtain both Part 1 (Biology- Zoology) and Part 2 (Biology-Botany) for a sweeping, unbeatable review of Biology. These products are extremely valuable for entrance coaching centres also for testing and training participating students. Please await the release of our Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics products in the near future.


"Are You Scared of Not Getting a Medical College Seat? Do Not Live in that Fear. Find a Solution Today. Be an Entrance Topper"
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"I have found that the best strategy to prepare for the medical entrance examinations is to practice with large numbers of MCQs.

Many of the books available on the market merely give you printouts of old questions from previous exams. The fact of the matter is that only a small percentage of those old questions will appear in the new exams.

It is important that you must practise with well designed MCQs that actually build your knowledge of the subject. The Botany and Zoology MCQ softwares from helps you to achieve that goal.

Once you have revised these 8000 MCQs in Biology, you will be in a very strong position to face any entrance test where your knowledge of Biology will be challenged."

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Almost 4000 questions
Almost 4000 questions
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